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Meet Wayne
Walk With Me Delmarva's 2023 Ambassador

Constantly stressed and worried -- that is how Gary felt all the time as he struggled to care for his adult son, Wayne, and his wife, Lois – both of whom have disabilities. While he worked overnights, he worried because he knew they were home alone. He did not know what to do until he found Easterseals services, which completely changed their lives.


“Life without Easterseals would be terrible. If we didn’t have Easterseals I don’t know what we would do. We depend on their programs,” Gary says. “Easterseals is a blessing all the way around. They do great things for families. They are always concerned about the people they serve and their families.”


For Wayne, the Easterseals adult day program in Georgetown, where he spends three days a week, is the perfect way for him to spend time during the day, interacting with his peers, and engaging in the activities. Not only do his parents appreciate the break from caregiving but they also have watched Wayne grow as an individual thanks to his participation in the program.


“Easterseals adult day program keeps his mind active and moving forward,” Gary says. “When Wayne started attending the program, he was afraid of many things, but now he does things my wife and I never expected him to do. Wayne loves it. He comes home proud of his achievements.”


Gary was able to leave his full-time job outside of the home and support his family as a paid full-time caregiver through Easterseals Personal Attendant Services (PAS) program. PAS allows people with disabilities and seniors to hire their own caregiver. Easterseals staff supports program participant in their role as an employer of the caregiver.


“I feel blessed and happy to be with them all the time and get paid to do it thanks to the Personal Attendant Services. Now I don’t worry as much anymore,” Gary says. “Easterseals has been the greatest thing for our family. It means growth for Wayne and for us. Awesome is the word I’d use to describe Easterseals!”

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